Conceptually Driven

Fostering a love of learning through concept-driven teaching


Why Conceptually Driven? Two reasons:

  1. It describes what I think is the ideal curriculum (written, taught and assessed): one in which conceptual learning drives everything – from the statement of inquiry to the learning experiences to the summative assessment.
  2. It also describes my personality as an educator — or at the least the type of educator I aspire to be!

Join me as I reflect, share and puzzle through the pedagogical wonders of concept-based teaching, inquiry learning, project-based learning, formative assessment… My list goes on and on. After nearly 20 years in the classroom, I’m still a learner at heart.

Disclaimer: The views I share here are obviously informed by my many experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom, but they are my own. At times, I may, with permission, refer to an idea or activity that has been developed by one of my colleagues. As a principled teacher/learner, I will always give credit to external sources.

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